Hey, it’s another two-word challenge!  And the words today are “skateboard umbrella”.  I’m a few days late – the weekend got it’s claws into me and I’ve been playing catchup ever since – but this was my notes using a word association list approach. Day #6 – Skateboard Umbrella Umbrella ——– * Stop rain * […]

Sunday’s challenge was to identity and solve the problem with keys.  Here’s my 10-minute time-boxed notes: Problems with keys * Forget them * They break * Losing them * Once lost they are all suspect * Wear out over time * Relatively insecure * Integrated with doorknob/locks * They only prove you have the key, […]

Today’s challenge is to avoid potholes that are blocking your way.  My approach was to create lists of problems associated with avoiding and repairing potholes from my (the uneducated driver’s) perspective.  As always, time-boxed to 10 minutes. Avoid and/or fix potholes in asphalt Avoidance * Hard to know where they are * Waze helps but […]