I’ve been working on a complete rewrite of the FirebaseSharp API for a while now – plugging away here and there as time permitted – and I think I’ve finally hit a point where I should share some of the progress. I set out with the goal of replicating, as best as possible, the existing […]

When I was in 8th grade we had a school talent show – it wasn’t everyone-up-on-stage, but rather classrooms dedicated to certain talents. Music. Karate. Acting. Magic. I was in the magic room. I wasn’t really into magic. I didn’t own any tricks or really know how to do anything except hide a hanky under […]

This week SyncFusion announced their new Big Data platform – basically it is Hadoop in an easy to install, configure and monitor format. You can also go here for more information on Hadoop, Couchbase. MongoDB and other kinds of NoSQL database. Sounds great, right? So let’s give it a go, installing a 3-node cluster on […]