Using Firebase you can provide a priority for a data item. The JSON would look like this: { ‘item1’: { ‘data’: ‘foo’, ‘.priority’: 1 }, ‘item2’: { ‘data’: ‘bar’, ‘.priority’: 3 }, ‘item3’: { ‘data’: ‘baz’, ‘.priority’: 2 }, }{ ‘item1’: { ‘data’: ‘foo’, ‘.priority’: 1 }, ‘item2’: { ‘data’: ‘bar’, ‘.priority’: 3 }, ‘item3’: […]

Today we’ll look at the StartAt method on the new FirebaseSharp 2.0 library. The startAt function provides a mechanism to limit sorted query results to values which meet or exceed the provided value. For example – here we’re using the Javascript API to get all the dinosaurs that are at least 3 meters tall: var […]

Firebase orderByChild allows your query to be ordered by (no surprises here) – the child value. It uses a pretty straight-forward set of rules to make this happen: Children with a null value for the specified child key come first. Children with a value of false for the specified child key come next. If multiple […]