Today we’ll look at the StartAt method on the new FirebaseSharp 2.0 library. The startAt function provides a mechanism to limit sorted query results to values which meet or exceed the provided value. For example – here we’re using the Javascript API to get all the dinosaurs that are at least 3 meters tall: var […]

Version of the Firebase .NET client library FirebaseSharp has been released and includes a significant improvement – actual events when monitoring a location. Firebase events now fire when an item is added, removed or updated and the update is received from the streaming get operation. Firebase Events in Action Firebase fb = new Firebase("https://[YOUR […]

Update: How events work has changed and the drawing app is now available as a sample on GitHub. Find out more here: Firebase is one of the new-fangled application platforms. In other words, it is a REST interface over CRUD storage of JSON objects. What is lacking, however, is a Firebase .NET API – […]