Back in 2012 I trained for (and ran) the Disney Tower of Terror 10-miler. Well – I’m doing it again. Ok … So I’ve slacked on my running in the last year. In fact, I’ve slacked on many healthy things. So it’s time to get back into it before I let bad habits replace good […]

I track my runs on – today’s run is here. Started too fast and finished too slow – but overall not bad. On the plan. I think tomorrow is going to be 8×400’s at the track with a focus on mid-foot strike rather than heel strike. I noticed when I did that today my […]

This is my training plan to get from where I am to where I need to be. I have just over 28 weeks to get ready and I’m pretty confident that I can do it. So here’s my plan (and for reference – the first Sunday was yesterday, March 11, and I did the prescribed […]