Yesterday I took the AngularJS TodoMVC example and converted it to using for data storage and making it multi-user in the process. I was pretty impressed. Not with myself – but rather that despite myself, the task wasn’t too bad. But there is this other kinda popular front-end MVC framework: EmberJS. I was curious […] + TodoMVC – For More Best Power! Now that I have working on my Windows 7 laptop, I wanted to get something going quickly to really see what was up. But I didn’t want to go down a app-building yak-shaving path filled with time-sinks and bike sheds. So I did something else. I […] looks rad. I’m want to try it out. Problem is that I need to self-host for now and I’m on a Windows machine. Sure, I could go stand up one of my AWS instances or just piggy back on one in production but I’m kind of a masochist. So here’s how I installed Hoodie […]