This week SyncFusion announced their new Big Data platform – basically it is Hadoop in an easy to install, configure and monitor format. Sounds great, right? So let’s give it a go, installing a 3-node cluster on Azure. Step 1: Create the Virtual Machines I created 3 Azure VM’s using these basic settings: dlhadoop1 (, […]

Logi Analytics US States and Territories

Logi Analytics has good support for rendering data on google maps however the documentation is very biased to using KML or GPX files. In this post we’ll walk through using a SQL data layer to render regions with a data point on the google map. I assume you have SQL Server 2008 R2 or newer. […]

Update: I learned how to do what I wanted but the answer sucks. Thankfully in version 8 the story is much better. So for version 7 I used a duplicated data source with distinct global filters. While learning more about Tableau I have been putting together some visualizations that make use of actions and filters. […]