I ran into an issue where connecting my Azure worker role to my Azure SQL database was failing with the exception type ProviderIncompatibleException and the message “An error occurred while getting provider information from the database.  This can be caused by Entity Framework using an incorrect connection string.” The inner exception was of type ProviderIncompatibleException […]

  There are three setup steps: Get log4net Create a table on Azure Update your web.config Once these are done you can use your logger. Get log4net Use NuGet to get Log4Net. Create a table on Azure I created a table using the database management website – the database looks like this: It’s really important […]

I haven’t been blogging about each answer but I wanted to say something about problem 33 because the wording of the problem is very confusing. Here’s what they wrote with some comments about what they mean. The fraction 49/98 is a curious fraction, as an inexperienced mathematician in attempting to simplify it may incorrectly believe […]