March 12, 2012

Da do run run

I’m a big ol’ fat guy. In January of 2011 I was 340 lbs. So last year I started to do something about it. Weight Watchers and sporadic time at the gym. In January 2012 I was 290 lbs. Not bad for one year. I’m down about 6 inches in my waist and generally a lot healthier – but I’m not done.

In February of this year I started running. Well – “running” is a bit of an overstatement. I’m slowly jogging.

In January I started on a treadmill and was able to go about a half-mile at 4mph before my side was cramped, legs were screaming and lungs had all but failed.

But I kept at it.

Pretty soon I could go about 5 minutes without stopping. Then 10.

Then I realized I hated treadmills. I hate the boredom. The YMCA TV stuck on Fox News. The dude next to me on his cell phone talking loud enough to make sure everyone knows how important he is.

So about a month ago I started running outside. Roads. Trails. Woods. Love it.

Fast forward about a few weeks … and now I’m running 80 minutes without stopping. Yesterday I ran the 4.7 mile Peninsula Trail at nearby Harris Lake. Awesome run.

So I’ve started to think about where I go from here. Obviously weight-loss is still on my mind. And increasing my overall fitness is too. But I an a somewhat competitive person. I like having goals. I’m a believer that if I set goals like distance then other goals like weight loss and fitness will follow.

So let me throw a stick in the sand. One I don’t think is too aggressive but which will be a great benchmark for me.

Forget the 5k. Screw the 10k.

Let’s go for 10 miles.

So I signed up for the Disney Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler.

Registration is paid for. Room is booked. Park tickets bought. The whole family is coming down and it’s going to be a blast.

Next post is my training plan. I’d love some feedback on it.