I’m in the planning stages of putting together a home recording studio for capturing the musical ideas that no one else wants to hear.  In high school I spent my junior year at the Minnesota Center for Arts Education (I spent my senior year preparing to have my first child but that’s another story for another time) – while at MCAE I had the opportunity to spend my afternoons (and many many nights) in a very nice production studio.  Many many thousands of dollars of gear – much of which you couldn’t give away today.  The point being that I’m familiar with what a high-end home studio would have looked like 15 years ago – unfortunately that knowledge does not do me a whole lot of good.

What I have

  1. A 6’x10’ space to work with.
  2. A laptop computer (Acer Extensa 5620Z – jealous much?)
  3. $1000 (my wife may disagree with this assertion but she is out of town)

What I want

  1. To be able to capture my guitars (electric and acoustic) and vocals
  2. A MIDI input keyboard
  3. Gear that is not crap and can grow into better things

Something like this


That’s one hell of an expensive question mark.

So over the next few posts (or weeks … who knows) I’ll be going over what I’m thinking about, what I decide, and why I changed my mind just minutes after making a decision after days of thinking.